February 2013

Google launches Google+ Sign-In

Google is attempting to bridge the gap between Google+ and Facebook with the launch of Google+ Sign In-a new social log-in feature. Like Facebook Connect, which allows users to log in to certain websites using their Facebook credentials, the Google+ … Continued

Analytics Masterclass #1 – Page Entry / Exit

Over the course of the next few weeks we will try and make sense of some of Google Analytics webmaster metrics and see how we can turn the meaningless into the meaningful. We will convert tech jargon into stuff that … Continued

Focusing Back on Design

When did design start to lose its way in digital marketing?  Why does a dichotomy exist between web design firms and digital marketing firms?  Is design really important at all?  Which is the bigger value add, design or marketing? The … Continued

Disavowing :( Links in Google

So Google has gone and issued another major weapon in the empowerment artillery for webmasters, the disavow links tool.  This tool has been a long time coming for site owners, as it finally allows them to easily take control of … Continued

Google Glass – a glimpse into the future?

It seems Prime Minister Julia Gillard has already found some competition for her large, square-framed hipster glasses, but this time they’re a bit more futuristic. The new glasses she was sporting were in fact the much-hyped Google Glass, which Gillard … Continued

Mathematically Modelling Twitter Impressions (TI)

Twitter is an increasingly useful social medium by which businesses can gain a significant amount of exposure. But just how much exposure are we talking about? How can this be quantified? What are the best measures that organisations can take … Continued

Why Consulting Works

As digital marketers, in a specialised field, you could be forgiven for assuming that we would consider consulting to be archaic or irrelevant in the modern age.  Indeed, the majority of digital marketing firms in Australia ignore consulting entirely and … Continued

GoDaddy gets Tongues Wagging #NerdsFTW

The popular domain registrar and web-hosting site GoDaddy.com has never shied away from risqué advertising, but this year’s Super Bowl ad took it to a new (and weird) level. The ad features Israeli model Bar Refaeli having a very long, … Continued

Benefits of outsourcing Digital Marketing

Why would a firm want to outsource their digital marketing to a company such as ONMedia? Why would they not manage this internally, such as through their sales and marketing team, in the same way as traditional marketing? This is … Continued

Social Media, Strategy and Competitive Analysis

Organisations are beginning to tap in the power of social media marketing in order to reach new customers through these powerful and wide ranging channels. Through using social media such as Facebook and Twitter effectively, organisations can gain a large … Continued

Twitter’s role in the upcoming election

On Election Day this September, federal opposition leader Tony Abbott will take on Prime Minister Julia Gillard and while the outcome is uncertain, one thing is for sure-social media marketing will play a huge part in this year’s election. Smart … Continued

Why SMBs should care about digital marketing

So, why should small businesses in Australia take advantage of digital marketing?  And how would ONMedia go about designing a package for small businesses? We believe that all businesses can benefit immensely from digital marketing.  Consider a small coffee shop … Continued

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