March 2013

What is a DDoS attack? How can you stay safe?

It’s not surprising that many people have been affected by the recent distributed hacking attempt on SpamHaus, the spam security firm based in Europe.  It caused major slowdowns and server outages around the world, even affecting people in Australia.  But … Continued

Google’s Catchy New Ads for Chrome

Google has just released four new viral advertisements for Chrome that are pretty weird yet delightfully amusing. The 15-second ads have an internet-friendly and flippant vibe that creates a needed departure from Chrome’s previous heartfelt and sentimental ads. The campaign … Continued

Chrome OS – The Future of Computing?

We all know about Google, and even some of their other offerings such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendars. But what exactly in Google Chrome OS? What is so special about this operating system and the newly released Chromebooks … Continued

Responsive Web Design and Mobile SEO Strategy

With mobile Internet usage predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014, a good mobile website is no longer a luxury to make some extra sales. In a study entitled What Users Most Want From Mobile Sites Today, Google reported … Continued

Top 5 Cloud Solutions for SMEs

It’s getting harder to launch a start-up these days, with the mass influence of technology and the internet, globalisation and increased competition. Thankfully, all of this has lead to opportunities for businesses to run smarter and leaner by moving their … Continued

Google kill off Chrome RSS

Last week Google announced it’s decision to do away with the Google Reader service, but that’s not all.  Google has also decided to scrap the Chrome RSS extension as well. The Chrome RSS extension that is being axed was a … Continued

RIP Google Reader

Hard core fans of Google Reader are in an outrage after Google’s announcement this week that it will be ending the service as of July 1, 2013. In a blog post entitled “A Second Spring of Cleaning”, Google listed a … Continued

Google Search Operators – A Healthcare Experiment

Today we are going to try a really simple experiment to try to answer a very difficult question.  Can Google’s huge database be of any use to doctors and pharmaceutical companies who want to understand a particular drug’s side effect … Continued

Firefox Dismiss Release of iOS Browser

Any iPhone users hoping to see a Firefox browser in the App Store can all expect to be disappointed for the foreseeable future. During the mobile browser wars panel held at the SXSW festival in Texas, Mozilla’s VP of product, … Continued

An In-depth Look at the New Facebook

As a follow up to our post last week, here’s a more in-depth look at the changes you can expect to see on the new Facebook News Feed. Visual First off, the biggest change on the News Feed is the … Continued

Facebook News Feeds, or is it Instagram?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a major transformation to the Facebook News Feed.  You know, the page where you look at everyone else’s status updates and images. Mr. Zuckerberg believes that the world is now becoming more visual, and … Continued

Internet Explorer Dominating the Browser Wars

In the fight over most popular browser, a new study has pegged Internet Explorer for the number one spot. It might be hard for some to believe, but according to the data for February 2013, IE has knocked out the … Continued

Mozilla debuts new Firefox OS

Mozilla has debuted Firefox OS at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with a surprising amount of support by mobile phone carriers. The HTML5 based operating system is Mozilla’s effort to carve out a niche into the smartphone market, … Continued

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