April 2013

The Future of Internet Explorer in the Workplace

There’s good and bad news for Microsoft this week. A new report by Forrester says that Internet Explorer is still the dominant browser in the workplace, but alternate browser usage is becoming increasingly popular. The report from Forrester entitled, “Navigating … Continued

5 Ways to Optimise Social Media Platforms

The term social media often brings to mind tweets about what someone had for breakfast or a Facebook News Feed filled with pictures of babies and cats. While this may be true, social media can also be a huge weapon … Continued

Microsoft Ad Campaign Ups the Privacy Ante

After ditching the unpopular Scroogled campaign that bashed Google for scanning the content of Gmail user’s emails to serve targeted advertisements, Microsoft has released a new ad campaign that actually talks about it’s own products. The new ads for Internet … Continued

A Rough Guide to jQuery 2.0

Developers take note, jQuery 2.0 is officially here and this is what you need to know about the newest version of the JavaScript Library. Dropped Support for IE 6, 7 and 8 Dave Methvin, jQuery Foundation President wrote on the … Continued

Facebook Wants to Bring ‘Home’ to Apple

Facebook launched the new mobile software, Home, earlier this month for Google Android’s operating system, but it now looks like the company is intent on expanding Home to iOS. Most Facebook users now access the site from their smartphones, so … Continued

Twitter Launches New #music Site

Twitter is getting into music with a new service featuring up-and-coming artists and shows the artists that are trending at the moment. There has been no official announcement from Twitter but it is being tested on an invite-only basis as … Continued

Australians Embrace Wearable Tech

With some of the world’s biggest technology companies developing wearable tech like smartglasses and smartwatches, it could be a worry that consumers won’t be willing to trade in their phones to embrace the new devices. However, Telsyte’s Digital Consumer Study … Continued

Google and Twitter Prank the Internet

Google has never been one to let April 1st pass by uncelebrated and this year is no exception. April Fools’ Day has hit the Internet with a slew of pranks from Google, YouTube and even Twitter. Google Nose Google announced … Continued

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