May 2013

Google’s 5 Best Coding Tricks

Google has been known for it’s clever April Fools’ jokes, but the company has also built in a slew of jokes and tricks into its sites.  Check out our list below of our five favourite Google coding tricks! 1. Do … Continued

How to Convert Your Website to Retina

With Retina displays becoming ever more popular, there are some key adjustments designers need to take note of to make sure imagery is looking good on devices with Retina displays. Retina displays with high pixel densities have a much higher … Continued

Microsoft Uses Vine to Advertise IE

Vine has now secured a place in the future of advertising. Microsoft has chosen the popular video-sharing app from Twitter to release a series of six-second advertisements for Internet Explorer 10. Twitter only released Vine last January, but the app … Continued

Facebook Gifts (kind of) Comes To Australia

Facebook has just released Facebook Gifts in Australia with one tiny caveat-the recipient must have a US address. The gifting platform was released in the US six months ago and allows users to send real gifts to one another from … Continued

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

For businesses, social media can either be a huge business booster or a veritable minefield for mistakes that can make businesses come across as unprofessional. With social media and the fast-paced world of the Internet, all it takes is one … Continued

Facebook Phone Flops Big Time

The HTC First, or more widely known as the Facebook phone, looks like it’s turning out to be a massive flop. After only a month on the shelves, it has been reported that AT&T has made the decision to discontinue … Continued

A Breakdown of Mother’s Day on Social Media

So this Mother’s Day expect your social media feeds to be filled with Mother’s Day well-wishes according to some recent surveys from the web. We’ve got the results from a Facebook poll and a Skype and Harris Interactive survey that … Continued

How to Get More Twitter Followers

Building a Twitter following can be difficult for businesses, but a new study has found some predictors that help reveal the secret to getting more followers. A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology led by Eric Gilbert examined over … Continued

Facebook Great For Local Businesses

Facebook is quickly becoming the new best friend for local businesses. After updating the Nearby feature on it’s mobile app, Facebook has revealed statistics that it had almost two billion links between local businesses and users. It also took data … Continued

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