June 2013

Social Media Advertising Forecast

The media landscape is becoming increasingly fractured in the era of the Internet. With so many media platforms available for users to consume, it creates a fissured landscape for marketers trying to reach their target markets. However a recent report … Continued

What to Expect From Windows 8.1

This week developers will be flocking to San Francisco, CA. for Microsoft’s Build 2013 conference with much of the excitement centering on the Windows 8.1 update. The company will be releasing a preview of the free Windows 8.1 update that … Continued

5 Cool Features on Instagram Video

With the release of Instagram Video, everyone wants to know how the new video feature compares with its predecessor-Vine. Well while Vine keeps it raw and straightforward, Instagram Video adds several cool features not offered with Vine. Check out our … Continued

Facebook Adding Video to Instagram

Last week Facebook sent out mysterious invitations to a press event on June 20th reading, “A small team has been working on a big idea.  Join us for coffee and learn about a new product.” Since then reports have surfaced … Continued

Twitter Analytics Now Open to the Public

Want to know how many of your Twitter followers are actually clicking those links you Tweet? Now you can find out. Twitter has expanded its analytics tool to the average user, when previously it was only available to the company’s … Continued

iOS 7: New Look, New Feel

The rumors have been flying the past few weeks about the radically new look that has been promised from iOS 7. From what’s been revealed at this year’s WWDC, the rumors don’t disappoint. As an update to our previous post, here’s … Continued

What to Expect From iOS 7

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference running June 10-14 promises some new and very exciting things from Apple, but one of the most anticipated previews will be the new iOS 7. The changes promise to be the most drastic alterations to the … Continued

Three Keys to Great Mobile Design

In today’s mobile market, users are looking for sleek mobile websites that offer a fast and engaging user experience. Mobile First founder Luke Wroblewski recently offered up some tips for designers looking to create successful mobile website designs that combine great … Continued

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