August 2013

The 8 Rules of Good Typography

Typography is one of the most basic elements of web design, but if done improperly, it can easily ruin a design. There are a few fundamentals of good text use in web design that once mastered, are a good jumping … Continued

Flat Design: Pros & Cons

Flat designs are simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. In fact in can be argued that it is much more complex to create an effective flat design because the message still has to be communicated to the user but … Continued

How to Boost Your Facebook EdgeRank

EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm that was developed “to govern what is displayed—and how high—on the News Feed.” A business’s EdgeRank results can have a strong impact on how many fans will see posts from that company, so it’s important to create posts … Continued

The 5 Rules of Flat Design

Flat design is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends amongst web and graphic designers, and with good reason. Users no longer need the skeuomorphic design elements of a notepad that actually looks like a notepad. The appeal of … Continued

5 Digital Metrics That Can’t Be Ignored

Paying close attention to how a brand is working online is a time consuming but necessary process. Tracking followers, page views, fans and unique page visits is vital to growing a brand and ascertaining how a brand is either succeeding … Continued

A Guide to Using Hashtags for Business

Hashtags began on Twitter, but since their spread to other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, understanding how to use them is becoming more important than ever. Any business implementing Twitter as part of a social media strategy should … Continued

6 Best Responsive Web Design Tools

As mobile marketing expands, creating a responsive website that has optimised viewing on desktop, tablet and phone screens is quickly becoming the new direction of web development. Though it may sound tricky, designers and developers know that responsive web designs … Continued

6 Things Your E-Commerce Site Can’t Live Without

With e-commerce sites, the name of the game is usability. The quicker and easier the buying process is, the higher the chance of attracting more customers, gaining more attention and making more sales. However e-commerce is competitive. A rival website … Continued

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