September 2013

10 Awesome Infographic Kits for Designers

Infographics are extremely time consuming. They require hours of research for information and then that information has to be displayed visually through graphics and other visual elements. To help expedite the process, there are plenty of resources online that designers … Continued

5 Tools to Improve Social Buttons

Cultivating engagement for content posts can be greatly enhanced by adding social sharing buttons, but it could come at a cost. Sometimes adding social buttons can have a significant impact on page performance and load timing, providing for a less … Continued

A Closer Look at Long Shadows

Long shadow design is showing up everywhere on the web as an extension of the popular flat design trend. The appeal of long shadow design is it adds more depth than basic flat design but it is not as skeumorphic … Continued

10 Free Flat Design UI Kits

As flat design becomes the latest and hottest trend in web design, there are a few tricks to make your next flat design project easier than ever. One of those tricks is to download a free user interface kit, as … Continued

The 10 Rules of Logo Design

Logos are vital to any business as they are an instant visual representation of the brand. It’s important when designing a logo to get it right so that the logo reflects the business and creates an original identity for the … Continued

Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2013

Web design is a medium constantly in flux, having to continually adjust to technology developments and user expectations about UI design. With the infinite amount of design resources available on the web, it can be hard to figure out exactly … Continued

10 Awesome 404 Error Pages

When browsing the web, no one wants to come across the dreaded error 404 page. However, some web designers see a broken link or moved page as an opportunity to add a little humour and interest back into the process. … Continued

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