October 2013

4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

As 2014 approaches, there are some developing trends in social media marketing that should be paid attention to. Marketing strategies can no longer afford to not have social media implemented into them, as social media marketing has numerous benefits including … Continued

5 Tips for Hiring SEO Professionals

Hiring the right SEO professional can be tricky because when looking into hiring SEO firms, there are lots of ways to go wrong. The SEO industry is a minefield of alleged “experts” that do everything from buying illegitimate links to … Continued

5 Best Google Analytics Substitutes

As far as web analytics goes, Google Analytics is pretty much king of the hill. It’s comprehensive and offers everything from tracking visitors to measuring conversions. Yet there are some other kids on the block that have a lot to … Continued

Top 8 Worst Usability Errors in Web Design

Usability is a simple concept, but one that can make or break a site depending on it’s quality. Errors in usability can ruin the user experience and even create a negative view of the site for the user. Furthermore, with … Continued

15 Twitter Hashtags to Get Your Business Noticed

Hashtags are a necessity in the social media arena as they not only help promote a brand, but they also are great for opening communication lines with potential clients. Users tend to follow a specific hashtag depending on what industry … Continued

10 Examples of Bold Colour Design

There’s a real art to using bold colours when designing a website. If done wrong, the page could end up looking gaudy and wreck the user experience. To create a successful design using bold colours, it takes a combination of … Continued

Essential Free @font-face Typefaces

Designers are well aware of the benefits of using @font-face to embed typefaces directly into their CSS, but there’s one website that makes using @font-face even easier. Font Squirrel should be every web designer’s best friend as it has a … Continued

What to Know About Magento CE 1.8

Magento Community Edition 1.8 has finally arrived as the next key Magento CE platform upgrade. With Magento 1.7 having been released over a year ago, the 1.8 update provides some long-awaited fixes and enhancements to the open source framework. Several … Continued

10 Best Flat Design WordPress Themes

Flat design is hottest trend in the web design world and with good reason; its minimal and simplistic nature provides a visually pleasing aesthetic and an optimised user experience. Good news is there’s now an easy way to jump on … Continued

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