December 2013

Top 5 Web Design Trends We’ll See in 2014

As 2013 comes to an end, there have been a handful of great design trends around that will only grow and become more popular in the coming 2014. Some of the trends are small but interesting, like larger font sizes … Continued

10 Gifts for the Web Designer in Your Life

This holiday season, don’t forget to get a little something special for a web designer you know. While they may spend all day in front of a computer, they like nice gifts too, so we’ve compiled a list of some … Continued

Top 4 Site Layout Rules for Better User Experience

Building a site that will deliver the best user experience possible is one of the biggest goals that web designers are constantly striving towards, and research on eye-tracking may help that endeavor. Eye-tracking figures out how average users look at … Continued

Five Small Business Social Media Marketing Errors

Social media is already a hugely beneficial marketing platform for small businesses, but it’s important that it’s utilised correctly because it will only become more popular in the coming years. Small businesses that wish to delve into social media marketing … Continued

10 Best Plugins for Amazing Scrolling

Playing around and finding interesting ways to incorporate scrolling is quickly becoming one of the newest trends in the web design world. There are so many new and creative scrolling techniques available now that include vertical, horizontal, backgrounds with forced … Continued

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