January 2014

Top 10 Sites with Awesome Scrolling Designs

Everyone has heard of flat design thanks to Apple, but there’s a much more subtle yet ingenious trend that is currently taking over the web design world, and that is creative scrolling design. When it comes to web design, the … Continued

Top 5 Blank Themes for WordPress

Using blank WordPress themes is the perfect way to save time and avoid annoying coding errors that occur when building WordPress themes from scratch. Sometimes called starter themes, blank WordPress themes give designers a foundation starting point on a theme … Continued

What to Know About WordPress 3.8

In December, WordPress released “Parker” or more commonly known as version 3.8 of the popular blog tool and content management system. The newest version of WordPress features a redesigned dashboard that is minimalist and clean with eight different admin colour … Continued

The SEO Guide to Images

Every designer knows the importance of search engine optimisation for content when it comes to page rank on search engines, but sometimes images have a tendency to be overlooked. It’s just as important to optimise SEO for images, as they … Continued

10 Amazing Typefaces from 2013

The year 2013 gave us many things, including some truly unique and wonderful typefaces. We’ve gathered up the best of the best to share, because wonderful things deserve to be known and had by all. Not all of our top … Continued

Best Web Design Resources of 2013

The year 2013 has seen a lot of amazing and innovative developments in the web design industry. The year saw an almost endless array of new and exciting tools and resources that have become available to web designers, and while … Continued

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