February 2014

10 Creative Calendar Designs for Mobile

There are few mobile apps as necessary and important as the calendar, although sometimes calendar design has a tendency to be overlooked. However we’ve found some truly creative and unique designs that prove calendars don’t always have to look the … Continued

Top 5 Worst Web Design Trends

The modern designer is accustomed to the ebbs and flows of trends in the web design world just like they appear in any other creative medium these days. While sometimes a trend is truly progressive and takes the field as … Continued

The 10 Coolest Inline Typefaces for Designers

Flat design has blown up in popularity over the last year, so it’s no surprise that much more attention is now being paid to typefaces, since type is a key design element in flat design. In particular there is one … Continued

Top 5 Web Payment Systems

Online payment systems that are effective and efficient are extremely vital to the success of ecommerce websites as well as any monetary transactions via the web. Some of the companies responsible for the payment systems below have been around for … Continued

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