Here are 8 Useful UX Photoshop Tutorials


When designing an engaging user interface for a site, elements go a long way in contributing to a good user experience in the end, so it’s important to get them right.

Sometimes with a little research, the right Photoshop tutorial will come along and show a designer exactly what was lacking in a design, or provide some inspiration for the direction a design might take.

Furthermore, tutorials are always good practice for experienced designers to brush up on their knowledge, but they are even better for new designers looking to sink their teeth into a project and hone their skill set.

Whether you want to learn a new technique or just get some ideas for a project, check out some cool and useful Photoshop tutorials for web and user elements below.

1. Clean Web 2.0 Login Form


2. Simple Contact Form


3. Flat Countdown Timer


4. Instagram Widget


5. Clean Twitter App Interface


6. Chatroom iPhone UI


7. Glossy Coming Soon Box


8. iPad App UI


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