Why would a firm want to outsource their digital marketing to a company such as ONMedia? Why would they not manage this internally, such as through their sales and marketing team, in the same way as traditional marketing? This is a question that we always get asked by prospective digital marketing clients, and one that we enjoy answering!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that generally works at the implementation side, rather than the strategic side of marketing practice. As such, strategy and branding is filtered down into two activities that run in parallel, traditional and digital marketing.

Digital marketing is concerned with utilising existing and novel / innovative online marketing channels, which can include but is not limited to search engines, social media, video sharing sites, photo sharing sites, mobile applications and various methods of online advertising.

Outsourcing is cheaper

Really? How can outsourcing Digital Marketing be cheaper? We are often asked this! Have a look, for example, at our absolute top of the range, supercharged On Max package. It includes our top-of-the-range web design and SEO in addition to social media marketing, mobile site design and free hosting with unlimited email addresses. One of our consultants will act as a professional point of contact, and will visit your premises six times per year and present powerful management metrics so that you can judge your own ROI. Support is built in, and you can make direct contact with your consultant to discuss strategic points. We believe that a firm would generally have to hire two to three people to do this amount of work, however outsourcing this to ONMedia will cost under $60,000 per year. See, it is much cheaper!

Outsourcing means more expertise

When you choose to outsource, you really are outsourcing to experts. At ONMedia we have some of Australia’s most talented designers, developers, marketing gurus and consultants that are ready to combine talents to assist your firm. This provides an extraordinary amount of value from a variety of input sources that is simply not possible through managing digital marketing internally.

Less Resources, Run Lean

Outsourcing means that you will save resources, not have to worry about Payroll, Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Superannuation and much more. You can run lean, and know that your digital marketing is in the hands of the experts.

Digital Marketing is Technical

Let’s not forget that Digital Marketing involves a high level of complexity. ONMedia know how to write beautiful HTML5 and PHP, understand the SERPs and Google’s algorithms, have their fingers on the pulse of social media and know how to make them work. What’s more is that we decode all of this complexity, and present useful management metrics that you can really use.

Cost Accounting Revolutionised

One of the reasons traditional marketing has always been an internal process, is to allocate costs and attribute value to marketing efforts, something that has always been difficult to do, and has led to systems such as Activity Based Costing and expensive and difficult to maintain cost accounting systems. With our approach to Digital Marketing, ONMedia can track all campaigns and techniques so that you can decide where the value adds are and what you can modify or cut within your digital marketing budget. Simple!

How can ONMedia Help?

With all of the above points, and many more! We believe that our packages are great value, and offer superior expertise at a lower cost to our clients, with better analysis, metrics and accountability. Get in touch and make 2013 the year you stop worrying about how to implement digital marketing by outsourcing it to the experts!

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  1. Anna Dawson

    Great write up Joe.. The main advantage of outsourcing is access to cost-effective services.

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