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Five Small Business Social Media Marketing Errors

Social media is already a hugely beneficial marketing platform for small businesses, but it’s important that it’s utilised correctly because it will only become more popular in the coming years. Small businesses that wish to delve into social media marketing … Continued

How to Optimise Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is an exceedingly popular site for e-commerce marketing, as it boasts over 70 million users from around the world, not to mention the amount of referral traffic. Pinterest facilitates and pushes through more referral traffic than several other very … Continued

10 Ways Google+ Can Help Your SEO

Although Google+ is not the most popular social network, it is by far the leader of the pack when it comes to search results in Google. This may seem counterintuitive, but while other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook … Continued

4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

As 2014 approaches, there are some developing trends in social media marketing that should be paid attention to. Marketing strategies can no longer afford to not have social media implemented into them, as social media marketing has numerous benefits including … Continued

15 Twitter Hashtags to Get Your Business Noticed

Hashtags are a necessity in the social media arena as they not only help promote a brand, but they also are great for opening communication lines with potential clients. Users tend to follow a specific hashtag depending on what industry … Continued

5 Tools to Improve Social Buttons

Cultivating engagement for content posts can be greatly enhanced by adding social sharing buttons, but it could come at a cost. Sometimes adding social buttons can have a significant impact on page performance and load timing, providing for a less … Continued

How to Boost Your Facebook EdgeRank

EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm that was developed “to govern what is displayed—and how high—on the News Feed.” A business’s EdgeRank results can have a strong impact on how many fans will see posts from that company, so it’s important to create posts … Continued

5 Digital Metrics That Can’t Be Ignored

Paying close attention to how a brand is working online is a time consuming but necessary process. Tracking followers, page views, fans and unique page visits is vital to growing a brand and ascertaining how a brand is either succeeding … Continued

A Guide to Using Hashtags for Business

Hashtags began on Twitter, but since their spread to other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, understanding how to use them is becoming more important than ever. Any business implementing Twitter as part of a social media strategy should … Continued

7 Best IFTTT Recipes for Mobile

A few weeks ago If This Then That, or more popularly known as IFTTT, released its mobile app for iOS devices. For anyone that has yet to jump on the IFTTT wagon, the formerly web-based but also now mobile service … Continued

5 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the perfect way for businesses to connect with users as well as keep them informed about offers, promotions and news about the company. However, building a following on Facebook can be difficult. It takes time, effort and the … Continued

Top 10 Paid Social Media Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is an increasingly popular publishing platform that is in use all over the world with over 60 million downloads in the last 10 years. For those self-hosting their own WordPress sites, the scope of the publishing platform’s popularity has … Continued

Facebook Rolls Out Graph Search

Facebook is getting a big change with this week’s release of Graph Search. Graph Search is Facebook’s new advanced search feature that allows users to more intricately search for people, places, photos and videos. Graph Search will appear as a … Continued

5 Ways to Optimise Pinterest Images

In the visually driven world of the web, images are becoming an increasingly essential form of content marketing for brands to successfully engage with customers. Pinterest is one of leading image sharing sites and has been gaining popularity for marketers … Continued

Social Media Advertising Forecast

The media landscape is becoming increasingly fractured in the era of the Internet. With so many media platforms available for users to consume, it creates a fissured landscape for marketers trying to reach their target markets. However a recent report … Continued

5 Cool Features on Instagram Video

With the release of Instagram Video, everyone wants to know how the new video feature compares with its predecessor-Vine. Well while Vine keeps it raw and straightforward, Instagram Video adds several cool features not offered with Vine. Check out our … Continued

Facebook Adding Video to Instagram

Last week Facebook sent out mysterious invitations to a press event on June 20th reading, “A small team has been working on a big idea.  Join us for coffee and learn about a new product.” Since then reports have surfaced … Continued

Twitter Analytics Now Open to the Public

Want to know how many of your Twitter followers are actually clicking those links you Tweet? Now you can find out. Twitter has expanded its analytics tool to the average user, when previously it was only available to the company’s … Continued

Facebook Gifts (kind of) Comes To Australia

Facebook has just released Facebook Gifts in Australia with one tiny caveat-the recipient must have a US address. The gifting platform was released in the US six months ago and allows users to send real gifts to one another from … Continued

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