Here are 8 Useful UX Photoshop Tutorials

When designing an engaging user interface for a site, elements go a long way in contributing to a good user experience in the end, so it’s important to get them right. Sometimes with a little research, the right Photoshop tutorial … Continued

The 6 Best Fonts for Coding

When it comes to building bespoke websites, the programmers that always seem to deliver the best, most quality sites for customers are the ones that do quite a lot of by-hand coding. However for as great of results as hand … Continued

What to Know About WordPress 3.8

In December, WordPress released “Parker” or more commonly known as version 3.8 of the popular blog tool and content management system. The newest version of WordPress features a redesigned dashboard that is minimalist and clean with eight different admin colour … Continued

What to Know About Magento CE 1.8

Magento Community Edition 1.8 has finally arrived as the next key Magento CE platform upgrade. With Magento 1.7 having been released over a year ago, the 1.8 update provides some long-awaited fixes and enhancements to the open source framework. Several … Continued

10 Free Flat Design UI Kits

As flat design becomes the latest and hottest trend in web design, there are a few tricks to make your next flat design project easier than ever. One of those tricks is to download a free user interface kit, as … Continued

7 Best IFTTT Recipes for Mobile

A few weeks ago If This Then That, or more popularly known as IFTTT, released its mobile app for iOS devices. For anyone that has yet to jump on the IFTTT wagon, the formerly web-based but also now mobile service … Continued

5 Apps to Optimise Team Collaboration

Working with a remote team in business doesn’t have to be stressful or inconvenient. There are several options in the app market that not only make team collaborations easier, but also help create a more dynamic workflow in the process. … Continued

What to Expect From Windows 8.1

This week developers will be flocking to San Francisco, CA. for Microsoft’s Build 2013 conference with much of the excitement centering on the Windows 8.1 update. The company will be releasing a preview of the free Windows 8.1 update that … Continued

iOS 7: New Look, New Feel

The rumors have been flying the past few weeks about the radically new look that has been promised from iOS 7. From what’s been revealed at this year’s WWDC, the rumors don’t disappoint. As an update to our previous post, here’s … Continued

What to Expect From iOS 7

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference running June 10-14 promises some new and very exciting things from Apple, but one of the most anticipated previews will be the new iOS 7. The changes promise to be the most drastic alterations to the … Continued

Google’s 5 Best Coding Tricks

Google has been known for it’s clever April Fools’ jokes, but the company has also built in a slew of jokes and tricks into its sites.  Check out our list below of our five favourite Google coding tricks! 1. Do … Continued

Microsoft Uses Vine to Advertise IE

Vine has now secured a place in the future of advertising. Microsoft has chosen the popular video-sharing app from Twitter to release a series of six-second advertisements for Internet Explorer 10. Twitter only released Vine last January, but the app … Continued

Facebook Phone Flops Big Time

The HTC First, or more widely known as the Facebook phone, looks like it’s turning out to be a massive flop. After only a month on the shelves, it has been reported that AT&T has made the decision to discontinue … Continued

The Future of Internet Explorer in the Workplace

There’s good and bad news for Microsoft this week. A new report by Forrester says that Internet Explorer is still the dominant browser in the workplace, but alternate browser usage is becoming increasingly popular. The report from Forrester entitled, “Navigating … Continued

Microsoft Ad Campaign Ups the Privacy Ante

After ditching the unpopular Scroogled campaign that bashed Google for scanning the content of Gmail user’s emails to serve targeted advertisements, Microsoft has released a new ad campaign that actually talks about it’s own products. The new ads for Internet … Continued

Facebook Wants to Bring ‘Home’ to Apple

Facebook launched the new mobile software, Home, earlier this month for Google Android’s operating system, but it now looks like the company is intent on expanding Home to iOS. Most Facebook users now access the site from their smartphones, so … Continued

Australians Embrace Wearable Tech

With some of the world’s biggest technology companies developing wearable tech like smartglasses and smartwatches, it could be a worry that consumers won’t be willing to trade in their phones to embrace the new devices. However, Telsyte’s Digital Consumer Study … Continued

What is a DDoS attack? How can you stay safe?

It’s not surprising that many people have been affected by the recent distributed hacking attempt on SpamHaus, the spam security firm based in Europe.  It caused major slowdowns and server outages around the world, even affecting people in Australia.  But … Continued

Google’s Catchy New Ads for Chrome

Google has just released four new viral advertisements for Chrome that are pretty weird yet delightfully amusing. The 15-second ads have an internet-friendly and flippant vibe that creates a needed departure from Chrome’s previous heartfelt and sentimental ads. The campaign … Continued

Chrome OS – The Future of Computing?

We all know about Google, and even some of their other offerings such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendars. But what exactly in Google Chrome OS? What is so special about this operating system and the newly released Chromebooks … Continued

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