What to Expect From iOS 7


Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference running June 10-14 promises some new and very exciting things from Apple, but one of the most anticipated previews will be the new iOS 7.

The changes promise to be the most drastic alterations to the iOS user interface that have been seen in a long time, the most important one being that new software will be black, white and flat.

The visual look will be “very, very flat” with no shine or glare added according to sources at 9to5Mac.  There will also be a lot less color with several black and white elements being incorporated across the user interface.

Jonathan Ive has been the man behind the new design aesthetic since he took over for iOS head Scott Forstall.

Forstall stepped down from Apple after criticism over Apple Maps and was largely responsible for iOS’s current look that features glossy, skeuomorphic design.

Forstall’s skeuomorphic design will also be left by the wayside. This is when digital aspects are designed to mimic textures and things in the real world-such as the yellow notepad and buttons that are made to resemble actual metal.

9to5Mac has also reported that Ive has said the complicated textures featured in the current iOS will quickly become dated and they encourage a non-harmonious look between apps like Notes and Game Center.

Other notable design changes include:

  • Lock screen will be re-designed with no shine and a black interface.
  • Home screen loses the shine and will become flatter.
  • Notifications will be more black and white and have expanded interactivity.
  • Security code input ditches the grid for round buttons.
  • On-screen keyboard will be “flattened” and feature colors like grey, black and white.
  • Core Apps like Mail, Calendar, Maps and Notes will have a more uniform, mostly white interface design.

However, iPhone users need not fret about having to re-learn the iPhone software, as functionality will remain similar.




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